Discovering The Links That Bind Us Together

Clyde Hampton Facundus Clyde Hampton Facundus
Patsy Ruth Facundus-Sweet Patsy Ruth Facundus-Sweet
Henry Leroy Garrett Henry Leroy Garrett
Tommy Izora Tompkins-Facundus Tommy Izora Tompkins-Facundus
Winona Mary Brown-Facundus Winona Mary Brown-Facundus
James Clarence Sweet Sr. James Clarence Sweet Sr.
Stephen Henry Garrett Stephen Henry Garrett
Anna Barbara Sikes-Sweet Anna Barbara Sikes-Sweet
Oma Coker-Garrett Oma Coker-Garrett
Herman D. Garrett Herman D. Garrett
Thomas Paul Sweet Thomas Paul Sweet
Mary Ethel Dockrey-Garrett Mary Ethel Dockrey-Garrett
Theresa Anna Schriffert-Sikes Theresa Anna Schriffert-Sikes
Sadie Agnes Miller-Dockrey Sadie Agnes Miller-Dockrey
James Oscar Dockrey James Oscar Dockrey